Safety Bulletins

    This bimonthly newsletter dedicated to workplace safety, helps keep your workers safety-conscious throughout the year. Your workers will appreciate receiving and reading the useful safety messages. The Safety Bulletin is perfect for including it with worker paychecks, posting on company bulletin boards, as handouts at safety meetings, distributed in company eating or rest areas, or as articles for your company newsletter.

    Price $210 Click here to see a sample bulletin.

    Bulletins can provide a variety of benefits:
  • Raise safety awareness among workers, motivating them to work safely and become active players in the company’s safety program.
  • If you run out of ideas or topics to talk about at safety meetings or tail-gate sessions, use the topics in the Safety Bulletin as the basis for discussion, or to help plan and conduct short safety talks. You’ll never be at a loss for safety topics!
  • With your annual subscription, you receive 24 different bulletins (over a 12-month period). You receive 5 colored copies of each bulletin and permission to reproduce copies for your internal use. That’s only $17.50 per month! Every article is different and offers workers practical advice on workplace safety — quickly, concisely and easy to read! – Need more copies? Contact us for a quote.
  • NEW – On the back of each Bulletin there is a short Quiz to test the reader's knowledge about the specific topic covered in the bulletin. There is also room for additional comments, name, signature and date, which can be used to show proof of training.

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